Writing and Research in the Workplace – ENG400

Academic year 2017/18

Learning outcomes

  1. Plan and write documents typically required for employment applications and workplace environments.
  2. Identify the market context, environmental legislation and engineering practices relevant to sustainable developments and health, safety and risk.
  3. Investigate and evaluate the effects of environmental legislation, usability requirements and manufacturing costs on the sale price of a technology product.
  4. Review technical information provided by environmental agencies and manufacturing companies.
  5. Identify the diverse engineering disciplines required for sustainable development projects.


  1. Coursework 1 was due January 17, 2018 and contributes 30% to the unit mark.
  2. Coursework 2 was due March 28, 2018 and contributes 70% to the unit mark.

Lecture topics and notes

Study resources




Unit lecturer

Please contact Chi Nguyen with questions or suggestions.