The next section contains information about the GCSE Computing tutoring service. The section after that shows the computer art generated using a Turtle Art library that I have been developing. Please use the contact form to send suggestions or comments. Thanks for visiting!

GCSE Computing

The GCSE Computing specifications from AQA, OCR and Edexcel all include provisions for completing the exam using the Python programming language. This makes it very practical and convenient to study and revise using Jupyter notebooks which enables students to write Python code in a worksheet format that records progress and working steps.

Online Jupyter notebooks are available for students with one-to-one tutoring accounts.

Please use this online form to book a tutorial session!

Computer art

The images and animations displayed on this website are created using JavaScript and the HTML5 Canvas API. The drawing is done using a combination of the Canvas API and my own library based on Turtle graphics concepts advocated by Seymour Papert

The strength of JavaScript is its flexibility: simple enough for beginners to learn, sufficiently high performance to power applications, fits into the traditional procedural programming paradigm and sufficiently advanced to fit into object-oriented or functional programming paradigms. With the ubiquity and power of JavaScript, everyone can try computer art!

Please use this online form to book a one-to-one online tutoring session for creating your own computer art using the Turtle Art editor!