Why study GCSE Computing?

Computing is everywhere in our culture and society. Possibly more important and interesting are the computers that are behind the scenes in our companies and governments. There are no entry requirements to study GCSE Computing, so, it is worth consideration for all students.

It's useful to have a idea of how computers work

Nearly all aspects of our daily life are affected by computers and software. For example, consider these questions:

Learning to appreciate and understand how computers and software work behind the scenes is relevant to nearly any type of work!

Problem solving skills

A key aspect of any computing course is practicing and improving problem solving skills. When given a description of a problem, students learn to take a methodical and iterative approach to finding the solution. Like many things in real life, it is often not possible to develop the solution all at once or immediately. So, the aim of learning problem solving skills is to practice using steps and repeating those steps through trial and error until a solution is found.

The problem solving process is important in many fields of work beyond just software! For example, consider these activities:

GCSE Computing is a door to many paths

Choosing to studying GCSE Computing does not force students to stay in the field of hardware or software. As mentioned above, it is better to think of GCSE Computing as adding a useful and flexible tool to your skills toolbox that can be used in many future types of work!